Oncology 4.O : How to prevent and better cure cancer ?


Publié le : 19/11/2021

Oncology 4.O : How to prevent and better cure cancer ?

" Yes, cancer concerns us all, as we grow older the prevalence for cancer augments. Cancer can take lives of people of all ages. When this happens, it creates loss, pain and today's treatments and patient experience still need improvements. This is true for our modern economies but what emerging markets where populations are growing old. What are our risks, what are our opportunities. How can we tackle these challenges. While billions are spent in pharma, the drugs do not always work the way they should, pharma alone, many agree isn't the solution. But what is? Let's talk about it! We have brought together thought leaders from our ecosystem to discuss the topic and fuel the battle against cancer with new ideas, insights and foresights. Join us Join us for a discussion and debate on how we can better tackle cancer today leveraging the immense technological opportunities that we have at our fingertips and in our ecosystems..."

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