What is your CGM strategy?

medium, 26/10/2020

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What is your CGM strategy?

"A series of new announcements and initiatives together with the ongoing pandemic has accelerated the adoption of the CGM across several groups of consumers. I predict that “What is our CGM strategy?” will be a common question asked in board rooms and strategy off-sites of healthcare companies over the next few years. This article covers some of the big trends in the market and tries to paint a picture of what’s to come.
A year of landmark announcements
Even though CGM technology is about a decade old it is first during the last year or so it has reached significant momentum. Here are a few key recent announcements.

A few weeks ago Abbott announced the release of the 3rd generation of the Freestyle Libre sensor. This is the first big update to the Freestyle in a number of years and will feature a much smaller device as well as complete Bluetooth capabilities. This removes the need to scan the device with a phone which is one of the main drawbacks of the Freestyle Libre system. It will also transmit your glucose to your phone every minute which makes it more continuous than any other sensor currently on the market. This is a huge step forward..." Lire la suite