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Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Technology Acceptance and Its Applications


Auteur(s) :

Angelos I. Stoumpos , Fotis Kitsios and Michael A. Talias

Éditeur(s) :

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Date de publication :15/02/2023

44 pages


" Technological innovation has become an integral aspect of our daily life, such as wearable and information technology, virtual reality and the Internet of Things which have contributed to transforming healthcare business and operations. Patients will now have a broader range and more mindful healthcare choices and experience a new era of healthcare with a patient-centric culture. Digital transformation determines personal and institutional health care. This paper aims to analyse the changes taking place in the field of healthcare due to digital transformation. For this purpose, a systematic bibliographic review is performed, utilising Scopus, Science Direct and PubMed databases from 2008 to 2021. Our methodology is based on the approach by Wester and Watson, which classify the related articles based on a concept-centric method and an ad hoc classification system which identify the categories used to describe areas of literature. The search was made during August 2022 and identified 5847 papers, of which 321 fulfilled the inclusion criteria for further process. Finally, by removing and adding additional studies, we ended with 287 articles grouped into five themes: information technology in health, the educational impact of e-health, the acceptance of e-health, telemedicine and security issues..."

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1. Introduction

2. Material and Methods

3. Results

4. Concept Matrix

5. Analysis of Concepts

6. Discussion

7. Conclusions