Digital Health and Patient Data - Empowering Patients in the Healthcare Ecosystem

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Disa Lee Choun, Anca Petre

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Date de publication :02/08/2022

240 pages


"Patients with unmet needs will continue to increase as no viable nor adequate treatment exists. Meanwhile, healthcare systems are struggling to cope with the rise of patients with chronic diseases, the ageing population and the increasing cost of drugs. What if there is a faster and less expensive way to provide better care for patients using the right digital solutions and transforming the growing volumes of health data into insights? The increase of digital health has grown exponentially in the last few years. Why is there a slow uptake of these new digital solutions in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries? One of the key reasons is that patients are often left out of the innovation process." En bref issu du livre

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Chapter 1: The patient empowerment movement

Chapter 2: Patient data ownership  

Chapter 3: From raw data to insights

Chapter 4: Applications of health data

Chapter 5: Foundation of Patient-driven digital health systems

Chapter 6: Afterword: Future 20-50 years, what healthcare would look like