AI Excellence: Ensuring that AI works for people

EC, 30/03/2022

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AI Excellence: Ensuring that AI works for people

"The Commission is committed to ensuring AI works for people by fostering digital skills and promoting a human-centric approach to AI globally.

AI technologies offer the potential to advance Europe’s economic growth and competitiveness. They also offer opportunities to improve the lives of EU citizens through developments in health, farming, education, employment, energy, transport, security, and more.

AI should work for people and people should be able to trust AI technologies. So, the EU has to ensure that AI developed and put on the market in the EU is human-centric, sustainable, secure, inclusive and trustworthy. The key proposed actions focus on:

nurturing talent and improving AI skills
developing a policy framework to secure trust in AI systems
promoting the EU vision on sustainable and trustworthy AI in the world
Nurturing talent and improving skills

Digital skills are incredibly important as Europe moves into the Digital Decade. The EU needs professionals with specialised AI skills to remain competitive globally and should ensure a high-level of computing skills in general to avoid job market polarisation..." Lire la suite