Applications of AI in Health

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Applications of AI in Health

"When talking about innovation in health, it seems that one cannot avoid talking about Artificial Intelligence, especially in this Covid-19 area. This epidemiological context showed that the health industry is very resilient and is capable of evolution even in the hardest conditions., and the numbers are there to prove it :The ReporLinker Institute published that Health Artificial Intelligence market sits at 4.9 billion $ in 2020.

From patient follow-up to robot surgeons, Artificial Intelligence is aiming to cover the entire patient journey through the healthcare system. For a clearer picture of the many applications of the Artificial Intelligence in Heath, we made a list of 4 actual applications of the artificial intelligence:

1. Imaging : Using computer vision to identify health conditions in medical images has become perhaps the most widely referenced use case for AI in healthcare. It permits to capture less data and therefore image faster, while still preserving or even enhancing the rich information content of Magnetic Resonance Images. This could be possible by training artificial neural networks to recognise the underlying structure of the images, and what types of things tend to be clustered together. For example, analysis of brain MRI using machine learning has the potential to identify tissue changes which can indicate an early ischaemic stroke with significantly less time and greater sensitivity than a human reader..." > Lire la suite

Partagé par : Beesens TEAM , le 07/04/2021

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