NuEyes & Samsung Creating An AR Solution For Healthcare

VRSCOUT, 02/08/2022

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NuEyes & Samsung Creating An AR Solution For Healthcare

"NuEyes’s lightweight AR glasses, when combined with a compatible Samsung device, can be used in a variety of medical situations.

NuEyes Technologies and Samsung have announced a partnership that could change patient healthcare forever. The two companies are using augmented reality (AR) technology to give medical professionals access to live videos and remote specialists as well as the ability to pull up images and documents in real-time.

The NuEyes PRO series AR smart glasses, when tethered to a Samsung 5G Galaxy S Series mobile phone or tablet, allows professional in the medical industry to access life-saving information via an OLED display with a generous 52-degree field-of-view. The companies state that the glasses are comfortable enough to be used for common healthcare functions such as ultrasound imaging, remote medicine, and on-the-job support training in any hospital, university, or out in the field.

Thanks to its hands-free approach, the combination of the two devices will keep doctors and physicians connected as they perform day-to-day medical tasks. The technology could also play a huge role in how paramedics respond to an emergency situation, allowing them to communicate with hospitals and ER doctors through AR. The glasses already feature customizable hand gestures through Manomotion..." Lire la suite