23 Steps Amazon, Apple And Google Have Taken In Healthcare In 2020

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23 Steps Amazon, Apple And Google Have Taken In Healthcare In 2020

"In December 2020, the European Commission approved Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, the wearables market leader. The $2.1 billion worth transaction was Google’s first investment in the health and wellness industry, sparking protests around the world, including those of Amnesty International. According to IDC predictions, the smart wearables market will continue to grow dynamically by about 12.4% year-over-year in the next four years. This year alone, approximately 400 million such devices will reach consumers. The European Commission approved Google’s purchase of Fitbit under several conditions to ensure transparent data use for advertising purposes or its interoperability.

Data collected by the wearable devices will go to the Google Fit application available on any Android smartphone. The company already cooperates with the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association, among others, so that users can take better care of their health.

In 2020, Google repeatedly courted the health care system. In November, Google Cloud announced the launch of two new artificial intelligence tools designed to help healthcare organizations analyse large volumes of unstructured text. These systems are to help healthcare professionals analyse data and thus facilitate the work of doctors and nurses. Google Health has also formed several strategic partnerships, among others with Mayo Clinic, to work on artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in medicine. Another event worth mentioning was the creation of a new research platform for academic medical centres and universities..." > Lire la suite

Partagé par : Beesens TEAM , le 15/02/2021

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